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  • Osmoz Classic Gin

Osmoz Classic Gin

  • £30.00

Our gins have been thought to be in perfect osmosis with our Chateau De Montifaud Cognac and family roots. Fully developed and distilled from grapes, they are totally faithful to our values and appreciation of eaux-de-vie.

A Complex Classic

This gin is very complex and develops fruity citrus notes, even fresh apricot with a taste of slight orange. The finish ends with notes of fresh humus, forest and spices (cloves, saffron and nutmeg)  To the taste, the flavours are delivered subtly, with a beautiful texture. The well-represented juniper evolves toward the freshness of coriander and cucumber. This gin has a light structure and fills the palate with fine aromas of fruits, citrus and spices.

The finish is long and tends toward a lemon/lime. Osmoz Classic Gin can be enjoyed neat or mixed with your favourite tonic water. Garnish with a lime wedge and juniper berries.

Region: Spirits
ABV: 40%

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