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Chateau Montifaud Assemblage L 40 year old Cognac

  • £140.00

Chateau Montifaud Heritage - 40-year-old Cognac - in modern hand-blown glass bottle presented in luxury silk lined polished wooden gift box with a traditional label written by hand. Chateau de Montifaud has belonged to the Vallet family for six generations now, the Appellation Chateau being itself very rare for Cognac. A blend of 40% Ugny Blanc, 40% Folle Blanche and 20 Colombard from the Grand Cru Petite Champagne vineyards in Cognac was distilled by Laurent Vallet's grand father. Aged 40 years in cask before being bottled this warm and smooth old n/v French Brandy wine makes a stunning 40th birthday or anniversary gift. Unlike a bottle of wine will keep once opened and can be shared by the birthday boy or girl with lucky friends or family. 70cl 40%vol. and

individually numbered bottle.

Type: Spirit
Region: 1978 Vintage Wine, Port & Brandy for a 40th Birthday
Grape: Ugni Blanc, Colombard
ABV: 40%

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